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Bracken cutting on Lowick Common

Cumbria Wildlife Trust will be working with Barker and Bland again this year to take bracken off Lowick Common nature reserve. The work will be happening towards the end of July and into August and will see bracken cut and collected from a smaller area than was cut last year.

This work has started to show benefits, with more grasses and flower species now growing on areas previously covered in bracken litter. The work this year will continue to enhance the diversity of these areas.

Signs will be going up at the entrances to the site to tell visitors that work will be going on, and while it is, you may see the tractors on site when you visit. These tractors will be moving slowly as they work, but please give them room if you meet them.

The area being cut this year is smaller than last year and focuses on the western side of the reserve from the main road to Roerigg Tarn. The image shows this area hatched green.

Lowick Common nature reserve from the air. The image shows the boundary and the area where the bracken will be cut.
Lowick Common nature reserve

Council Tax £150 energy rebate

Update from SLDC

Road Safety Working Group

Blawith and Subberthwaite Parish Council and Lowick Parish Council have formed a group of residents and council members to discuss many issues relating to the A5084 from Lowick Bridge to Torver Bridge.

There are many accidents, near misses, and erratic speeding situations. Sections of the footpaths have been allowed to deteriorate to the point they are unusable for much of their length thus creating potentially dangerous situations for walkers and residents who are forced to walk in the road.

Your experiences, suggestions and support will be invaluable in supporting the parish councils in their negotiations. Please email your concerns to the parish clerk Christine Adams.

Reporting potholes

You can report a problem on the highway to Cumbria County Council via the:

Mapping Lowick Common

Cumbria Wildlife Trust would like to hear about sightings, points of interest, and bits of history about the site.

Discounted compost bins

Cumbria County Council have teamed up with Get Composting to offer discounted compost bins to Cumbrian residents. Compost bins are available in two sizes, 220 litres or 330 litres. To buy a bin go to

Green Sparks

How to join the mailing list and find out about the plans for 2022

A595 Grizebeck improvement

Cumbria County Council has submitted a planning application for the preliminary design of the Grizebeck improvement scheme.

The Grizebeck improvement scheme is a 1.4km single carriageway road between Chapels and Grizebeck on the A595, north of Barrow. The route runs to the east of the existing A595, passing properties at Dove Bank and Dove Ford before crossing the existing A595 and creating a new junction with the A595/A5092 to the west of the existing junction.

A decision on the planning application is expected in the summer, with construction starting in 2024.