Meeting held on 18 January 2018

Paul Harris, our local Police Community Liaison Officer, attended the meeting. He reported a low level of rural crime – apart from the recent theft of a charity box from the Farmer’s Arms. There continues to be some local poaching of deer but this is now being monitored by ‘Countryside Watch’ which is based in Kendal.

News from Lowick Green Management Committee is that they have produced a newsletter which has been widely distributed. There is a fund raising event at Water Yeat Village Hall on 3 February. Councillor Mitchell wondered whether, because the Green is a community resource, the Parish Council should be prepared to offer further funding to help their projects, apart from the contribution towards grass cutting.

Councillors discussed some ideas that may form part of the Parish Plan:

  • an emergency planning exercise
  • flood protection at critical points
  • footpaths and verges
  • supporting the community at each end of the age spectrum (the elderly – isolation and the young – play facilities)
  • a Parish Council newsletter.

It is hoped that residents will ‘feed into’ these suggestions with further ideas at a community event to be organised so that the Parish Plan can be ‘kick-started’.

The Council agreed to precept SLDC for a total of £3000. This is an increased sum, primarily to cover the costs of the Lengthsman, Archie Workman. Mr Workman has made a start in clearing drains and improved the appearance of the bus shelter at Lowick Bridge but has been hampered in his work by the poor weather.

It was noted that the litter bin that the Council installed in the layby outside the old school has gone missing. If anyone has any information, perhaps this can be passed on to one of your councillors – before holiday makers start to use it as a dumping ground again!

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 15 March at 7.30pm in Lowick Community Hall. All are welcome.