Meeting held on 19 March 2018

The last Parish Council meeting was held on 19 March. It had to be delayed from the 15 March because the council was not quorate.

Richard Ellwood, Chairman of Lowick Green Management Committee raised some items which councillors considered. There are funding difficulties and Councillor Longmire wondered whether the Young Farmers might help with some of the environmental management tasks. He will make enquiries and report back.

Councillors discussed some highways issues and it is felt that a site visit with an officer from Highways would be the best way to highlight these. One problem is the satnav sign just past the old school which has been misinterpreted by drivers who try to negotiate the narrow road and inevitably get stuck at the farm. Other problems have been HGVs running off the A5092 and there is still no sign at the Coniston junction.

There have been complaints about an impromptu sign advertising the sale of eggs on the A5092 just coming into Lowick parish. It is unlikely that Highways have given permission for this and Councillor Longmire will make enquiries with the person concerned.

Following a complaint by a resident about the drains on the fell road, the Lengthsman gave this a priority and his work has made a significant improvement to the run off.

The Clerk was asked to send a letter of thanks to a local farmer who cleared away the brash created after Councillor Mitchell had trimmed the hedge along the footpath between Lowick Green and the Farmer’s Arms. His help is greatly appreciated.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 17 May at 7.30pm in Lowick Community Hall. This is the date for the AGM and the Annual Parish Assembly. All are welcome.