Meeting held on 17 May 2018

Litter pick update

Please note that the proposed litter pick suggested for Friday 6 July has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The last Parish Council meeting was held on 17 May. This was the date for the Annual General Meeting. Councillor Longmire was re-elected as Chairman and Councillor Edmondson as Vice-Chair. Your other Councillors continue to be B. Mitchell, G. Sanderson and L. Ingham.

Richard Ellwood, Chairman of Lowick Green Management Committee attended the meeting to clarify the work being proposed for The Green. He hopes to get a grant to undertake some drainage work and, hopefully, Young Farmers may help with cutting down some trees by the wall along the A5092. Grass cutting is a significant item in the budget but the majority local residents want this to continue.

Councillors have notified CCC Highways about traffic issues but are awaiting a response about a site visit. Apparently, County Councillor Matt Brereton has been attending local PC meetings and, on the advice of Anne Hall, Lowick’s issues will be forwarded to him for his support.

The Parish Council intends to take part in a litter pick organised by the LDNP on 6 July. It is hoped that this will be supported by members of the community. The meeting place will be The Green and the time advertised nearer the day.

Councillor Mitchell gave an update on the Kirkby Moor Wind Farm. It appears that SLDC say they have no grounds to enforce the reinstatement of the area to what it was: only the blades and turbines will be removed. Councillors feel strongly that this is unacceptable and will be following it up.

Councillors considered the paperwork associated with the Annual Audit and approved the accounts. These will be sent to the External Auditor and are available for the public to peruse from 11 June. Thank you to Mr Ian Curry who acted as our Internal Auditor.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 19 July at 7.30pm in Lowick Community Hall.