Meeting held on 15 November 2018


Following a submission by a local resident in respect of planning application 7/2018/5560 and with additional information from the LDSPB, the Parish Council amended its original objection to the planning proposal and will inform the LDSPB accordingly. It had no objections to the proposal for an agricultural workers cottage at Everard Lodge.


County Councillor Matt Brereton has made enquiries with CCC Highways about the SatNav sign on the A5084, whose location has resulted in HGVs turning down the narrow road to Lane End in error. He will press for it to be re-located to the other side of the road. This is supported by Councillors.

X12 bus service

Parish Councillors agreed to make a donation of £200 to help fund the X12 bus service which provides an important community link for people using public transport in the Crake Valley.

Southern Boundary Partnership

Councillor Sanderson is involved in meetings with the Southern Boundary Partnership which is exploring the possible extension of the southern boundary of the National Park. The minutes of these meeting are on the Parish Council website for residents who have a specific interest in this project.

Parish Plan

At a meeting in October, Councillors made some progress in developing a plan. A questionnaire is being developed covering a variety of topics which will be circulated to all residents for their comments. Councillor Edmondson is compiling a newsletter to be delivered to all addresses in the parish.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 17 January at 7.30pm in Lowick Community Hall.