Looking forward to the year ahead

This year the Association will be actively pursuing any available grants and funding and it is hoped that the allotment holders themselves will provide the strongest steer for those things that they feel are important to help the allotments thrive and flourish in future years. It is immensely pleasing to see young children coming onto the allotments with their parents, they are after all, the guardians of our amazing community facility and their participation should be encouraged every step of the way.

Although the weather is still inclement, there’s still plenty of jobs to do both on the plot and in the garden.

  1. Get your seeds ordered early: many people were caught out by a huge increase in demand last year and 2021 looks to be heading the same way.
  2. If you have one, wash down your greenhouse, inside and out and clear the guttering. This will make a huge difference to the amount of light coming in and also eradicate pests and disease that might have taken up residence.
  3. Re-use pots and labels, spend a couple of hours washing, cleaning and drying them: you’ll be glad you did it now.
  4. Clean, sharpen and oil your garden tools.
  5. Take an inventory of things that you almost ran out of at the end of last season: fertiliser, string, canes etc and make a note to buy more.
  6. Identify seeds that can be sown early, either under glass or on a warm windowsill such as sweet peas, hillies, aubergines, broadbeans…
  7. Decide on one brand new thing to grow this year that you’ve never tried before!
Albert in the snow. Taken in January 2021 by Sarah Bray.

And finally, Albert, our resident scarecrow is in desperate need of a new set of clothes. It may be some while before he can peruse the charity shops again, so if anyone has anything suitable: a straw hat, waistcoat, shirt, pants, braces, then all offers kindly received.