The Exchange goes live

We are happy to announce a full compliment of allotment holders and welcome them warmly to the new growing season.

February has seen the arrival of a new “cupboard on legs” on the allotments. Constructed by Rob Dove and installed by Dan Hotchkiss, The Exchange provides a much needed resource for all the allotment holders. We now have the perfect opportunity to swap seeds, plants, ideas and information, even if we might be the only person on the site.

The Exchange.
The Exchange. Taken in February 2021 by Sue Hotchkiss

Inside, there are a couple of boxes to keep the “swaps” dry…and out of the reach of mice! There are pin boards to leave messages, share ideas and top growing tips as well as a “heads up” for bargain purchases. To make sure we are Covid-compliant, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial spray are immediately available for everyone’s safety.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll install a lower shelf on The Exchange to take all the extra seedlings and young plants that we’ve produced ( yes…we all do it!) so that nothing goes to waste. It means that all the growers benefit all through the season. Any surplus packets of seeds at the end of the year will be sent via various charitable organisations to developing countries to contribute to their own support programmes that help people live independently.

Although the weather is rather brisk at the moment, once things improve, it will be a great time to get started on the green roof project for The Exchange. The design has given us a space in the roof area to develop a green sward, hopefully with some wild flowers that will help The Exchange blend a little more into the landscape, we just need the smallest sheep in the world to browse it!

Fingers crossed, The Exchange is just the start of exciting things to happen on the allotments this year. It’s the middle of February and seed sowing has already started…watch this space!