Crake Community First Responders

Affiliated with NW Ambulance Service.

Current active First Responders

Kate Plimmer (Team Lead), Jon Plimmer, Graham Sanderson, Judith Sanderson, Kathy Edmondson, Simon Bailey (eCFR), & Tim Riley (eCFR).

We are an established voluntary charitable group within the Crake Valley and adjoining areas. Thanks to your past donations, after being deployed by NWAS, we have provided equipped Community First Responders to medical emergencies in advance of the ambulance’s arrival and where early involvement was essential.

On other occasions we provide support until the ambulance team arrives. Ongoing contributions from the community also enable us to assist with local Public Access Defibrillator initiatives and Heartstart Training.

What are Community First Responders?

Community First Responders are volunteers who give their time freely to help save lives in their community. Responders are members of the public who are trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators and the treatment and control of a wide range of potentially life-threatening conditions.

In cases of heart attack, it has been identified that early intervention can result in a significant improvement in prognosis.

First Responders provide support to the ambulance service by attending serious and life threatening 999 calls in and around the community to provide the earliest possible intervention for patients in the first few minutes until the arrival of an ambulance. More information from NWAS here.

How can you help? We are recruiting now!

Crake Community First Responders would like to invite more members of the community to become First Responders, especially in the Penny Bridge/Greenodd and Spark Bridge areas.

Your area of coverage would be up to about three miles from your location and the times that you are on call is entirely voluntary. Obviously the more time you are available, the better the support you can provide to the community and North West Ambulance Service.

If you or someone you know might be interested, Team Leader Kate Plimmer ( ) can be contacted for further information and to register an interest in joining the Community First Responders group. Following acceptance from NWAS, training would be arranged.

Apart from volunteering any donations we receive directly will be used to purchase defibrillators and other necessary equipment including consumables. Collection tins are also distributed locally.