Lowick Green Management Group

The Green is now under the Management Committee. The Chair of the Management Committee is Richard Ellwood.

The phone box

The Lowick Green Management Group was awarded £750 from Evening Hill Grassroots Grants to carry out the phone box refurbishment. The phone box is now back to its original colour and is used as a local information point.

A noticeboard has been installed and bus timetables and other items of local information have been placed in the phone box. Daily newspapers are delivered to the box, as it is used by the village as an informal newspaper drop-off point. People can also shelter in the booth while waiting for the local bus service.

Richard Ellwood, Chairman for Lowick Green Management Group, said: “We are delighted with the recent improvements to our village phone box which have enhanced the pride we have in our local area.”

“The phone box is a local landmark. Prior to its restoration, it was becoming an eyesore which gave the impression that our village was neglected. This is not the case and it is reassuring to know that visitors to the village will see the care we take with our community spaces.”

“The phone box is now once again a fine focal point which can be appreciated and used by the next generation. We are grateful for the grant that has helped to make this possible.”

Lowick Green development

Works included:

  • Selective clearance of existing vegetation
  • Selective removal of existing grassed areas to facilitate seeding of wild flowers and meadow grasses
  • Dredging and removal of materials and detrius from the hollow areas to create the shallow ponds and wetlands
  • Remedial work and digging out areas damaged by vehicular encroachments at the north west of the site
  • Creation of a wetland meadow area utilising existing wells and outfalls present on the site to create a series of small shallow ponds
  • Creation of wild flower meadow areas
  • Creation of a cut grass cultivated area
  • Creation of a small area of hard standing for car parking to formalise and delineate the area currently being used for this purpose on an informal basis (on land that is not currently suitably prepared for this purpose)
  • To use natural boulders and timber knee rails to restrict vehicular access to the site from the existing roads.