B4RN – High speed broadband in Lowick

October 2021 update

Regretfully the possibility of a B4RN Broadband infrastructure is no longer likely in this area till at least late 2022. This is as a result of several factors but the main reason is a sudden policy shift by the DCMS to block all new Gigabit Voucher applications to the west side of Windermere which includes Lowick and the Crake Valley. Without this critical government subsidy the project here is not commercially viable. Low voucher take-up suffered from the communication limiting affects of the pandemic but we would like to thank all those who took the time time to register for a voucher. We very much hope the option could re-emerge but at this time there is nothing concrete to support this. The formal communication from B4RN’s CEO is here.

Thank you once again for your time and effort and sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Lowick Parish and the wider South Lakes region have an opportunity to acquire a new high speed broadband service bringing fibre directly to your home and even in rurally isolated locations at a highly affordable cost!

Many of you will already have heard of hugely successful B4RN fibre installations to remote areas nearby in the local press.

The large majority of rural households and businesses in this area find themselves excluded from high speed Broadband and instead have to rely on a much slower and far less reliable service distributed using ancient telegraph poles. Some, living closer to local exchanges, are receiving a modest service (around 30Mb) but anyone who is receiving less than 100mb (we think that’s everyone!) should consider an interest here.

Working with B4RN, and being actively promoted by our District and Parish Councillors, all of us now have an opportunity to “register an interest” in a new broadband service that will match or exceed the speeds and capabilities of city centres!

Our digital future

The base speed being offered to us is a phenomenal 1000Mb – 1Gb/s. It’s entirely independent of your existing services – you could even have both!

Even if you already have acceptable broadband then we would still ask you to consider obtaining better to support forthcoming online developments and prepare for the emerging digital future and not getting left further behind. Home tuition during lockdown, working from home, streaming services and emerging services will all benefit from higher speed and reduced latency.

Register your interest

At this early project stage the Parish Council asks you to consider registering your interest.

This is in no way any form of a commitment. And if you are a business, and that includes simply working at home, please register as a commercial business where Government support will subsidise this new service with one or both of the broadband voucher schemes that are operating right now.

Who are B4RN?

B4RN have a fantastic track record of delighted customers all over the North West of England and all the information about this well tried and tested solution is here on their website – www.b4rn.org.uk.