Parish plan

The Parish Plan – January 2022 update

Cllr Ingham has created a draft report and summary from the results of the Parish Plan Questionnaire. The report can be viewed here.

The council needs COMMUNITY RESPONSE from this document to deem whether they have interpreted the results as you expected. Please respond before Sunday 13 March.

If there are no comments the council will presume results have been interpreted correctly.

September 2021 Update & progress report

After distributing by hand a copy of the Parish Plan questionnaire to all residential properties within the Parish we received 35 returns by either online submission or a printed hard copy. We then had to input the hard copy responses by hand, matching the format of online submissions, to obtain a consistent and accurate document derived from the total of all responses.

One of our Councillors has put together a summary of our thoughts and conclusions of your responses and we would very much like to share this with you here.

Additionally and to provide transparency about what we are trying to achieve we also would like to share with you a summary of all responses with identity information removed.

Please take a look at both documents and let us know your thoughts through the Parish Clerk.

We are now thinking of how we can construct the Parish Plan itself. We would very much welcome any parishioner(s) with an interest in joining in to help.

A Parish Plan – the initiative

Lowick Parish Council are going to create a new parish plan. Our previous plan has achieved great things for the community – such as the 40 mile an hour speed limit.

We now need to create a new plan with achievable goals which will improve and develop our community and we need our parishioners help!

We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas. These can be emailed to any parish councillor or you can fill in the 2021 questionnaire.

What is a Parish Plan?

A parish plan is a document that tackles important issues that will influence your neighbourhood in the future.

This could be anything from ensuring building projects fit in with local character to improving the state of local roads.

The development of the plan will be led by the parish council but must take into account the views of the whole community.

Previous Parish Plans